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Carbide Burr Die Grinder Bits Made in USA

We manufacture and specialize in carbide burr die grinder bits, all made right here in USA.

Tungsten carbide burrs can be used on most hard materials including steel, aluminum and cast iron, all types of stone, ceramic, porcelain, hard wood, acrylics, fibreglass and reinforced plastics. When used on soft metals such as gold, platinum and silver, carbide burrs are perfect as they will last for a long time with no breaking or chipping.

Different cuts of carbide burrs will be best suited for certain materials.

What can our Carbide Burrs be used for?

Our carbide burrs are used in air tools such as die grinders, pneumatic rotary tools and high speed engravers. Micro Motors, Pendant Drills, Flexible Shafts, and hobby rotary tools such as a Dremel.

Carbide burrs are widely used for metalworking, tool making, engineering, model engineering, wood carving, jewelry making, welding, chamferring, casting, deburring, grinding, cylinder head porting and sculpting. Carbide burrs are used in the aerospace, automotive, dentistry, stone and metalsmith industries.

What RPM speed should you use?

The speed at which you use your carbide burr in your rotary tool will depend on the material you’re using it on and the contour being produced but it’s safe to say you do not need more than 35,000 RPM. If the burs are chipping easily this could be due to the speed being too slow. It’s ideal to start the bur off slow, increasing the speed as you go along. High speeds will prevent clogging in the flutes of your carbide burs.

As with all drill bits and burrs, let the burr do the work and apply only a little pressure, otherwise the cutting edges of the flutes will chip away or become smooth too quickly, reducing the life of your burr.

Our carbide burrs we manufacture are machine ground from a specially chosen grade of carbide. Due to the extreme hardness of the tungsten carbide, they can be used on much more demanding jobs than HSS (High Speed Steel). Carbide Burrs also perform better at higher temperatures than HSS, so you can run them hotter, and for longer. HSS burrs will start to soften at higher temperatures, so carbide is always a better choice for long term performance.

Which cut is right for you?

single-doubleSingle Cut Carbide Burr Cutting Tools

Single cut is a general purpose tool designed for cast iron, steel, some copper and brass and other ferrous materials. It will give good material removal and good workpiece finishes.

Double Cut Carbide Burr Cutting Tools

Double cut allows for rapid stock removal in harder materials. The addition of the left hand flutes reduce the pulling action, allowing better operator control. It reduces the size of the chips and can be used at slower than normal speeds.

Non-Ferrous Aluminum Cut Carbide Burrs

Non-ferrous are exactly what you would expect them to be. They are specially designed to be used on non-ferrous materials such as aluminum, copper and magnesium.

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